Diversity and dynamics within the development team of Nauta Connect

Diversity and dynamics within the development team of Nauta Connect

The software development team of Nauta Connect is a beautiful mix of young and old, experienced and novice developers, and talents from all over the world. We are pleased to introduce our developers’ team to you!


Dynamics within the team

Our team consists of younger and older team members. On one hand, we have a senior who is not only senior in position but also in age, and on the other hand, developers who are all in their twenties. The senior has gained a wealth of experience from various companies, while the younger developers bring fresh insights and knowledge from their studies. This interplay between experience and new insights creates tremendous dynamics within the team.


Talents from all over the world

But the diversity doesn’t stop here. We recently added interns from Uganda and the Philippines to our team.

A special story is that of Fely, the first female intern at Nauta Connect. In the Philippines, she was a nanny but had also completed an ICT study. When she came to the Netherlands, she wanted to rediscover her passion for ICT. She is now on her way to becoming a junior full stack developer in the Nauta Connect team.


Faysal el Bouaiadi, CSO and team leader, sums it up nicely: “The best part of my job is guiding my team and trying to make it as diverse as possible. Because I believe that when you have different people from different cities, religions, you name it, and you bring them together in the same sector, in software development, you get very different perspectives.”


Creative solutions for complex ideas

These different perspectives are precisely what makes the team so strong. Each member brings their cultural insights, leading to creative solutions for complex problems. Where one sees a traditional approach, another comes with a fresh perspective. This combination of fresh ideas and years of experience creates a dynamic work environment where innovation and growth are paramount.

Are you curious about the faces behind our team? Continue on the page “Get to know our team” where our team members introduce themselves personally. Want to know more about our innovative solutions? Please contact us!



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