Electronic key control system for Daelzicht

Customised care

Daelzicht provides customised care to children, young people and adults who have a mental disability. It has about 2,000 clients at about 80 locations in Limburg. The head office is located in Heel where Daelzicht also has a large institutional terrain with its own residential ‘neighbourhood’ and facilities for day care. Daelzicht wants to provide an exceptional care product and wants to ensure that services that are not immediately care related are as efficient as possible.

Remove costs from the care product as far as possible

Organisations like Daelzicht have been forced by government to remove costs from the care product as far as possible. Harry Foederer explains what this means for the Real Estate Cluster: “By drawing up the long-term maintenance plan and the contractor contracts linked to it, we gained a picture of maintenance costs until 2030.”

The KeyConductor provides us with the certainty and the peace of mind to undertake our core tasks

Worry about keys

Wim Mulder says: “When a contractor or fitter used to do a job, they first had to report to security, then they had to go to reception to pick up the key for the building in question. The key also had to be signed for, which regularly didn’t happen, or it wasn’t done properly. After the job, the key had to be returned, but sometimes that was forgotten as well. Keys were a big concern for us.”

Controlled access to keys

The plans for the maintenance of the real estate were drawn up with BSU. Wim Mulder: “It was BSU who brought a brochure for the KeyConductor. We were interested straightaway and contacted Nauta Connect.” KeyConductors were installed soon after at two locations, one in Heel and one on Koningslust. They were both managed from Heel by means of the web-based application. All contractors, fitters and cleaners who had work to do at these locations received a personal authentication code and PIN code with which they could access one set of keys in the cabinet.

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If you would like to find out more about the applications for this electronic key system, we will be happy to tell you about them.


Saving time and money

“Now that the issue and return of sets of keys has been computerised and is controlled automatically, it saves us a considerable amount of time and effort”, says Harry Foederer. “People are responsible themselves from the moment they take the keys to the moment they return them. We also record the mobile number for each user in the system, so we can always ring them up if a set of keys isn’t back on time.”

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