Mövenpick is secure with the help of the KeyConductor control system

The Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre is beautifully located on the IJ river between Amsterdam Central Station and the Passenger Terminal. The imposing building has 408 rooms and is a popular hotel for both tourists and business people. In respect of the last group, congresses are regularly held in the hotel.

Keys now play an important role in the hotel industry

“In a hotel of such a scale, there are a lot of keys in circulation and we want to know who has, or has had, which key and when,” says Mr Vis – Regional Chief Engineer Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts The Netherlands. Access is controlled by an electronic lock system. As well as this system, there are still also conventional keys that are issued every day. Key registration used to be done on paper, so that there was a risk of inaccuracies.


Mövenpick Amsterdam City Centre can start each day efficiently and securely thanks to KeyConductor

Clear business case

Between 1999 and 2013, key issuing and return was organised with two key control systems. The systems made use of contact chips that were very sensitive to dirt. Users sometimes couldn’t collect or return their keys, which led to further problems. The administrators also had difficulties with the antiquated software. These were all reasons for the ARA to start looking for a new solution.

Soon after, a KeyConductor with 96 positions was installed. The implementation was carefully prepared by Mr Vis and his colleagues. A KeyCop was made for every employee, supplier or contractor, and the keys for which they were authorised were attached to it. A ‘tear’ was also made for every employee with which they could open the electronic locks of authorised doors and it also contained details for the time registration system.

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The sense of responsibility is great

As well as efficiency, the staff’s increased awareness of their personal responsibility is a significant advantage. You are responsible for your key, and that works well for both key holders and key administrators. They know that while they have a key in their pocket, they are responsible for it. Once they put it back in the KeyConductor, they are not responsible any more. Keys never leave the building.

A clear procedure increases security

There are also a number of master and emergency keys in the hotel, which are only intended for emergencies and providing access to rooms. Key control is much more efficiently organised. “The KeyConductor has altered the mentality of every employee, it provides peace of mind and control and it saves time and money.”

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