The locker system supports the ‘new way of working’ at the municipality of Waddinxveen

The municipality moved to a new location at the end of February 2018. The exceptional building, which is energy neutral, was designed to encourage the ‘new way of working’. Employees make use of hotdesking, book meeting rooms, discuss work informally in the café or work outside of the municipal building. Particularly in respect of that last point, the municipality looked for a solution to make issuing operational assets, like laptops, easier and controllable.

This new way of working demanded the efficient control of operational assets

Need for the efficient control of operational assets

This new way of working demanded the efficient control of operational assets, says Tosca Brog. She is the Automation Co-ordinator at the municipality and responsible for ICT:  “In our old building we had more than enough workplaces and that is still the case. The difference now is that staff are encouraged to be flexible, so that they can also work outside of the municipal building.

Issuing operational assets was not systematic though. Staff from the municipal building could borrow items, like laptops and bicycles, but the varying roster didn’t help either. That, combined with the unsystematic administration of issuing equipment and returns meant that things regularly went missing or were returned too late. In the new building, where the new way of working is being encouraged, our expectation is that demand will only grow. That’s why we wanted to professionalise this.

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Solution found in the combination of the KeyConductor with the CapLocker

The municipality of Waddinxveen was able to take that step in professionalisation in the combination of the KeyConductor with the CapLocker. It is not just possible to issue assets, but keys as well. Brog: “As well as laptops and iPhone chargers, we can also issue bicycle keys and travel cards. Things that all facilitate the new way of working. An item can be collected from, and returned to, a smart locker with the QR code that is sent when a booking is made.

Nauta Connect, active in solving problems

While new technical rollouts usually need a lot of time before users get used to them, the municipality’s employees were soon enthusiastic. Brog: “That’s because of the recognisable elements that Nauta Connect uses, like a QR code. Of course, it also helps that people are independent; they don’t need to see anyone to borrow an item anymore. I expect that smart lockers are going to be used more and more in the near future. And I’m especially proud that, in collaboration with Nauta Connect, I could bring about this innovation in the municipality.”