Municipality of Utrecht smart locker

The Municipality of Utrecht has been run from new offices since October 2014. Flexible, hybrid working – ‘hot desking’ – was taken into account when designing the layout of the office floors. In 2018 the municipality chose the CapLocker to improve its issuing and return procedures for operational assets. This CapLocker has recently been supplemented by an extra series of compartments for the long-term issue of equipment and devices to new staff.

Tim Kalverla is the Facility Management Senior Adviser. IT and innovation are particular responsibilities of his role. He is continually occupied by questions, such as: how is our service provision? What developments are there and what are the opportunities for improvement? The smart CapLocker for laptops is just one example.


The lockers are available 24/7 in principle, which has greatly improved the use of operational assets.

Time saving

The municipality of Utrecht has been using the CapLocker since 2018. On the 10th floor of the municipal offices, is the service plaza for municipal employees, where equipment and devices, like laptops, are lent out. The registration, administration and the issue and return procedure used to consume a lot of time, but since the CapLocker has been installed, a great deal of time has been saved and the service desk can now spend it’s time more constructively.

The CapLocker, consisting, of 48 lockers, is set up for the short-term loan of operational assets. The lockers were installed on the service plaza floor opposite the service desk at the start of 2018, allowing service staff to explain the system and receive feedback about it.

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More time for quality monitoring

“The staff are positive about the CapLocker. The online booking module means that reserving a laptop is very easy and they never miss out!” explains Tim enthusiastically. “The laptop can be collected or returned, even outside of the service desk’s opening hours, by means of the QR code you receive. The lockers are available 24/7 in principle, which has optimised the use of laptops”.

The service desk is also very positive about the lockers. It has resulted in significantly fewer visits to the service desk, it has provided oversight in the control of the laptops and the service desk has less to deal with. The service plaza can see immediately who is, or was, using what and when, thanks to the Nauta Connect web-based control and reservations module. It allows the service desk to focus on the optimisation of other processes and problems, offering more service and quality control.

A pilot has now been started with another CapLocker (with eight compartments) for the Automation department. This department is going to use the lockers as a central point for the distribution of devices to new employees, i.e. long-term issue.