Connect Software: the heart of our solutions

Do you also struggle with managing keys or operational assets such as laptops, scanners, or walkie-talkies? Do these valuable items regularly go missing? Then our electronic key cabinets and smart lockers, combined with the advanced Connect software, are the solution for you. This way, you always have insight into where your keys and assets are located, anywhere and anytime.

Always insight and control

With the solutions from Nauta Connect, you manage the issuance and return of operational assets and keys fully automatically, without the need for your service desk’s intervention. Moreover, the Connect software provides you with real-time insight into the location of your assets. This not only saves you time and costs but also relieves your service desk from time-consuming administrative tasks.

Seamless integration with your system

Does your organisation already use facility management software or an access control system? We ensure a flawless connection with the Connect software. This allows you to continue working in your familiar environment without the need to manually enter data.

We have extensive experience in integrating all common systems such as TOPdesk, SALTO, SURFconext and Active Directory. Is your solution not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Existing access pass

The Connect software is suitable for any organisation size. We offer various options to integrate your data such as users, access passes, status, rights, etc. Our specialists are happy to advise you on the optimal integration for your situation.

Connect software integreert met IFS Ultimo
Connect software integreert met Lenel S2
Connect software integreert met SURFconext
Connect software integreert met ADconnect

Extensive reservation options

Our Connect software includes a reservation module that allows users to easily reserve assets in the locker. Through a web-based app, users reserve the item they want to borrow. Immediately afterwards, they receive a QR code by email which they can use to open the locker and collect the reserved item.

Read how Utrecht University of Applied Sciences uses the intelligent lending wall with reservation system for lending and returning materials.


Returning items and reporting defects

Users can easily return borrowed items in the locker via the same reservation system. Should an item become defective, our system also offers the possibility to report this directly via the locker’s display. The ICT or Facility department then immediately receives a notification to take action. At the same time, the user can take a replacement item from another locker compartment, making the process of replacement and exchange efficient.

Read on how the Dutch National Police uses intelligent lockers for replacing, exchanging, and resolving defects with walkie-talkies.

Personal user portal

If you opt for the reservation module, you will get your own user portal, fully integrated into your own digital environment.

This means that users continue to work in their familiar environment and have access to the reservation system with just a few clicks. Thanks to the single sign-on functionality, they are also automatically logged in and can immediately reserve materials.

Optionally, we can design the portal with your own logo and house style, making it recognisable and familiar to all users.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

You don’t need your own server or server management

Connect software can be hosted in a Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, so you don’t have to set-up your own server and you only need a web browser and internet connection.

  • 99,99% availability
  • 24/7 monitoring and back-up including data recovery
  • Simple service and support available

Data protection (GDPR)

Data security is important when using a cloud solution, which is why we use cloud providers which satisfy the GDPR rules and security standards, so you can be confident that your data is protected.

connect-software-gehost in-microsoft-azure-cloud

Our developers think with you

Fast response, even remotely

Before we get started, we first take a detailed inventory of your current business software. Throughout the process, we are in close contact with each other, so we can quickly react and make adjustments where necessary. Also after we have installed the solution, you can count on our continued support.

We help you streamline your processes as a company, provide your employees with oversight and simplify the workflow. If you like to discuss the possibilities with us, please feel free get in touch.

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