Smart locker for educational institutions

Within educational institutions, issuing assets such as laptops, cameras, projectors, and even keys for loan bicycles involves significant organization.

Especially for the service desk, managing and administrating these resources is a time-consuming task. Consider reserving, returning, or monitoring where it has gone and what if an item comes back defective? This process often leads to direct and indirect costs, as well as time-consuming administrative tasks.

The Intelligent locker system

Do you recognize this issue within your educational institution and are looking for the right solution? We offer various solutions in the field of asset management.


Automatic issuance and return via the smart locker

Nauta Connect offers a solution, with a focus on increasing convenience and service. Our electronic locker automates the issuing process in an efficient and secure manner. It saves many actions and thereby relieves the service desk.

Real-time insight into where everything is

Thanks to integration with our user-friendly Connect software, the entire process of issuing and returning is fully automated. The system provides real-time insight into the status and location of all lent assets. So, you always know where your equipment is and in what condition it is in.

Linking with your administrative system

One of the greatest advantages of our smart locker is the possibility to link it to your student administration or facility management system, such as SURFconext and TOPdesk. This ensures that your data is always up to date without having to manually enter data.

Easy reservation and safe use

Our Connect software offers a web-based reservation app with which resources can easily be reserved. Users receive a QR code by email immediately after reservation, giving them access to the locker to pick up the reserved item. This system offers numerous advantages, including the convenience of 24/7 reservations, self-service, no queues, and never missing out.



Lockers with reservation module
Online reservation via reservation app

Turn your locker system into an intelligent locker. With a web-based reservation app, users can easily and safely reserve the desired resources and then pick them up with the received QR code. Among others, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences makes use of this reservation module.

  • Online reservation via app
  • 24/7 service desk
  • Direct link with platforms like TOPdesk possible

A smart locker that meets your needs

Our smart locker is modularly designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are interested in standard smart lockers or units with extras such as charging points, LED lighting, or transparent doors, we offer a custom solution.


It is also possible to integrate an electronic key cabinet into the smart wall for the automatic issuance and return of keys for, for example, loan bicycles and cars. Utrecht University of Applied Sciences already makes successful use of this smart CombiLocker.



Contact us for customized advice

Are you curious about how Nauta Connect’s smart locker can optimize resource management at your school? Then contact us for personal advice. We are ready to advise your educational institution and provide a smart locker system that is not only cost-efficient but also takes the quality of your service to the next level.

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