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At Nauta Connect, we offer smart solutions for the issuance and management of keys and assets through our electronic key cabinets and lockers. Our products are seamlessly integrated with our Connect software. The Connect software is self-developed and serves as the beating heart of our solutions.

We assist our customers in digitizing, optimizing, and managing business processes in the field of key and asset management. We connect our software to your existing IT environment, not the other way around.

In-house Development Team

Our Dutch development team is capable of quickly adapting and working efficiently. Our team members are young, creative, and actively contribute their ideas. They gladly take on the challenge of solving complex problems within organizations, where our electronic key cabinets and lockers, combined with the smart software, play an important role.

Our core values

Solution orientated

We help our clients with the optimisation and control of work processes and IT environments.


Our team has a great deal of practical expertise in business processes in diverse market segments.


We like personal contact and are glad to be of assistance, even for maintenance and faults.

Get to know our team

We work on smart solutions with an enthusiastic group of colleagues who share the same objective: helping our clients with the optimisation of business processes.

Subsidiary of the Nauta Group

Manufacturer of security products

Nauta Connect is a subsidiary of the Nauta Group, one of Europe’s most comprehensive distributers of fire and burglar resistant safes, cabinets and lockers and hinge and lock solutions.

For more information, see our website or visit our Training & Experience Center in Barneveld, where you can also see our electronic lockers and key cabinets.



Used and trusted worldwide by more than 350 organisations

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