Nauta Connect BV is born, and we launch a brand-new website: nautaconnect.com. This next phase is supported by a fresh new corporate identity and matching logo.

The Nauta Connect logo incorporates the infinity symbol in the letters of Connect, symbolizing the seamless connection between customers, hardware, and software. This infinite loop emphasizes that each element is crucial; without one link, the whole does not function.


A milestone is reached when Nauta Group acquires a majority stake in CaptureTech Products. This leads to a fusion of CaptureTech’s intelligent electronic solutions with Nauta’s solid mechanical security products.

The synergy between the two companies adds a new dimension to existing activities. With the knowledge of the CaptureTech Products software development team, new possibilities arise, in addition to the continuous optimization and development of existing solutions.


The Dutch Police opt for our smart control cabinets and the associated management platform. The cabinet is ‘intelligent’ because it also initiates a flow of communication. The repair department is informed about the defective walkie-talkie, and the employee receives a message when the spare unit can be picked up from the locker.


The Dutch Police are looking for smart lockers for replacing, exchanging, and resolving incidents with mobile ICT resources, including walkie-talkies, and publish a tender for this purpose.


CaptureTech, together with Loomis, a leading cash-in-transit company and important customer, establishes itself internationally. With Loomis’ expansion to numerous countries, we implement our KeyConductor key cabinets with more than 3000 key positions per branch in all their locations worldwide.

This international presence enables us to further expand our specialized key management.


Inspired by the success of automated key issuance and return, CaptureTech launches the CapLocker. This intelligent electronic locker automates the lending of valuable company assets such as laptops and cameras. The software development team develops a new version of the management software WebManager for this purpose.

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is one of the first customers to use the smart “lending wall”. Students can reserve items such as a laptop online and open the corresponding locker with a unique QR code.


Nauta becomes a distribution partner and adds automatic key management with the KeyConductor key cabinet to its portfolio.

New customer groups such as transport companies opt for the KeyConductor to automatically issue and return keys for the vehicle fleet and rooms such as the air conditioning and server rooms. The KeyConductor key cabinets are now sold to customers all over the world.



The story begins in 2011 at the company CaptureTech, which is asked by a cash-in-transit company to devise a way to identify their bunches of keys more quickly and accurately. Based on this customer request, CaptureTech develops the KeyCaptor, a large model key cabinet with a scale and RFID antenna.

The demand for automated key issuance then quickly increases. The development team takes a new direction, bundles ideas, and thus develops the KeyConductor. This electronic key cabinet then evolves from large-scale solutions to more compact cabinets as we still know them today. Schools and hotels are important customers of the KeyConductor.