Smart locker control for the National Police Corps

After a European procurement process, the Dutch police commissioned Nauta to supply 120 smart control cabinets and the accompanying control platform. The smartly controlled cabinets will be used in the process of replacing, exchanging and resolving incidents with mobile ICT resources, including walkie-talkies. The police awarded the contract in accordance with the ‘Most Economically Advantageous Tender Award Criterion’; in other words, the best value for money.

Pilot smart control lockers

In the initial instance, we held a pilot at one police unit, deploying eight to ten control cabinets. We are currently in the phase where the cabinets are being physically rolled out and taken into management. We have now installed a total of twenty cabinets across two police units. The rollout of the remaining control cabinets is scheduled for the course of 2023.

“We and the police began with two meetings and the drawing up of an implementation plan and schedule. It was an excellent project where the police valued our passion and expertise and we look forward to more collaboration”, according to Peter van Gemonden, the project manager for Nauta Connect.

It was an excellent project where the police valued our passion and expertise and we look forward to more collaboration.

Faulty walkie-talkies

Whenever a walkie-talkie becomes defective, it is important to have one that works properly as quickly as possible, so that disruption to work is kept to a minimum. This is where smart control cabinets can help. The cabinet consists of small lockers of different dimensions, lockers for items about the size of a walkie-talkie, but also larger lockers in which a laptop can fit. The employee can put the walkie-talkie that needs repairing in the cabinet and take the spare walkie-talkie at the same time. ‘Logistical Support’ ensures that the faulty walkie-talkie is collected, is repaired where possible and returned to the locker, ready for the employee to use again.

The cabinet is ‘smart’, because it ‘remembers’ who returned the walkie-talkie for repair and which spare walkie-talkie was taken. The employee receives a message when the walkie-talkie has been repaired and is ready to be taken from the cabinet. The spare walkie-talkie can then be stored in the cabinet again. These cabinets also help with an accurate record of personal walkie-talkies.

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