Smart electronic lockers

Our electronic CapLocker system allows you to control your operational assets in an efficient and secure way. The smart locker system makes issuing operational assets, like laptops, scanners and walkie-talkies simple and manageable for administrators and users. The Connect software makes issuing and returning things automatic, saving money and stopping you from having to waste endless time on administrative tasks.

Smart locker system

The intelligent locker system is available in different formats and modules and you can also use it with a booking platform.


If you would like to experience for yourself how simple our electronic locker and Connect software are to use

Time and cost efficient

No more time-consuming administrative tasks


Monitor which operational assets have been issued and reduce loss

100% oversight

Complete and real-time oversight of events, alerts and reports

Integration with your IT environment

Applicable to software systems and all current access control systems

Increase your level of service

Make your service desk available 24/7 with the web-based reservations app


Faults can be reported immediately and there is the option for charging batteries straightaway

Connect software

Registration, control and reporting

The Connect software allows you to issue operational assets in less time, but with more control. You decide which operational assets can be collected or returned where and when and by whom from the CapLocker. The WebManager allows you to know at any time where operational assets or keys are.


All your data systems connected to each other

Connects to your existing software

If your organisation works with facility management software or an access control system and you want to seamlessly integrate the electronic CapLocker to computerise your business processes further, our team of developers will be happy to help.

We make use of an API to connect existing information, like users, equipment or keys with the Connect software and your existing system.


Lockers with booking module

Online reservation via booking app

Transform your locker system into an intelligent locker system. With a web-based reservation app, users can simply and securely book the assets they need and then collect them with the QR code they receive. The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is just one of many institutions making use of this booking module.

  • Online reserveren via app
  • 24/7 service desk
  • Direct link with platforms like TOPdesk possible

Configure your electronic lockers yourself

Choice of various modules and dimensions

The electronic intelligent locker is modular, so that it can be tailored to your organisation. You can arrange the smart locker system just the way you want it. As well as a range of RAL colours, you can also opt for charging points, LED lighting and transparent doors.


As well as the secure storage of operational assets, it is also possible to manage keys with the CapLocker These key places are integrated in the locker system.