Secure key control thanks to the smart KeyCop

You keys are put on a KeyCop so that they can be managed electronically with the KeyConductor. The KeyCop is a fob which is securely attached to one or more keys. The KeyCop’s unique number is also engraved onto it by laser as a barcode and number.

KeyCop versions:

  • Cable
  • Omega hasp
  • Thin-hasp
  • U-hasp

Key control with pick-to-light

The KeyCop is central to the key control system. To collect KeyCops, employees log on in the electronic key cabinet by means of a code, a pass or a tag. Once the authorised key is selected, it is unlocked and the key position is lit up. The Pick-to-Light system shows which KeyCop needs to be taken.

When the keys are brought back, the employee scans the barcode. The position then lights up where the key belongs. The lock closes immediately once the key is put back, so it can’t be taken again or replaced.


Want to experience for yourself how easy key management works with KeyCop?

Time and cost efficient

No more time-consuming administrative tasks


Monitor critical keys and avoid major consequences in case of loss


Mapping and monitoring all keys within your organisation

100% insight

Complete overview of current events, notifications and reports

Integration with your IT environment

Compatible with various applications and all common access control systems

Increase your service level

Make issuance and return of keys available 24/7

Keycontrol software

Registration, control and reporting

How many keys do you manage? And who owns which key? With the WebManager web-based application, you manage your complete key management. We can host the WebManager in the cloud.

So you do not need to set up your own server and only need a web browser and internet connection to use the application.

Connect software overzicht van wie welke sleutels en bedrijfsmiddelen hebben geleend

All your data systems connected

Linkable with your existing software

Does your organisation already work with Facility Management Software or an access control system and would you like the KeyConductor to integrate flawlessly with this software to further automate your business processes?

Our team of developers will be happy to help you streamline business processes. Using an API, we link existing data such as users or keys with the WebManager and your existing software.


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