Turnhout police increase security and efficiency with key control

The Turnhout Regional Police is an ambitious and leading organisation with activities spread across seven municipalities: Turnhout, Baarle-Hertog, Beerse, Kasterlee, Lille, Oud-Turnhout and Vosselaar. The security of, and service to, 117,000 inhabitants is guaranteed by a total of 255 employees.

In order to increase security and efficiency, a lot of emphasis is placed on smart technology. For a few years now, the Turnhout police have been using an electronic key cabinet. Automated key control is used for keys to vehicles, bicycles, technical areas and the arms room. The cabinet was due to be replaced, so the corps went looking for a next generation model.

Nauta Connect’s solution offers numerous advantages

User-friendly key cabinet software

Nauta Connect, with its KeyConductor and user-friendly Connect software, was chosen . As a specialist in security and cash-in-transit, this was the best choice. “Nauta Connect’s solution offers numerous advantages”, according to the systems administrator Bert Keersmaekers.

The KeyConductor is a robust and flexible solution, with easy access, no door and, nevertheless, still securely locked. “Access by means of the Mifare employee pass was arranged in no time. The software’s user-friendliness is a huge plus point and a step forwards”, says Keersmaekers.


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Good for intensive use

The solution is used very intensively, while safety and efficiency are priorities. “Nauta Connect offers us exceptional value for money, and the service and support is excellent”, adds Bert Keersmaekers. “We can quickly expand it in the future for extra keys or managing radios or other essential police equipment.”

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