Fast and secure key control – Municipality of Buggenhout

Increasing customer satisfaction with the KeyConductor

The municipality of Buggenhout is one of the most wooded municipalities in Flanders and has more than 14,500 inhabitants. It has heavily invested in increasing customer satisfaction in its new five-year plan (2020-2025). One of the means of increasing that satisfaction, is by using the KeyConductor to control the keys for the Recreation department. Jurgen Vermeulen, the head of the department, shares his experience of the new key control solution.

”There is hardly any administration required!” With the Connect software, we can see exactly who has taken or returned which keys, when.


The most important reason for acquiring the KeyConductor

Because we are investing heavily in customer satisfaction for the next few years, we went looking for a solution for the control of 40 keys. We found that solution in the Nauta Connect KeyConductor,” explains Vermeulen with satisfaction. “The key control system allows users to collect and return keys themselves, reducing the work pressure for employees from the Recreation department. There is hardly any administration required! With the Connect software, we can see exactly who has taken or returned which keys, when.

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Individually connected

The introduction of the key control system has made it possible to pick-up or return keys simply and securely. The KeyConductor was installed in the cultural centre De Pit. The huge advantage of the location is that it is open seven days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. This means that users have a much longer period of time in which to collect or return keys, because we are less dependent on the employees and opening hours of the Recreation department. It increases service, resulting in better customer satisfaction, which was our aim. The solution has allowed us to achieve our goal and matches our expectations entirely.


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