Efficient key control at Land Rover Metropool Noord

Metropool Noord is the largest and brand-new Jaguar Land Rover site in Antwerp. What applies to many dealers and car fleets also applies to Metropool Noord: keeping a record and managing keys is a challenge. It often leads to interruptions in business processes. Metropool Noord found the solution to this challenge in an electronic key cabinet: the open KeyConductor.

Need for efficient key control and electronic key cabinet

As a Jaguar Land Rover, Metropool Noord has to deal with dozens of keys, for second-hand, demo and new cars. Searching for the right key for the right car always wasted a lot of time. After a good reference from another dealership in the Jorssen Groep, Metropool Noord grasped the opportunity of moving premises to deal with the issue and start recording the issue and return of keys systematically. What was their experience of the new key control solution from Nauta Connect? A conversation with Philip Jacobs, Product Genius & Handover Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover.

Thanks to Nauta Connect, keys are securely stored and it can be seen precisely who has, or has had, which key, when

KeyConductor: No more searching for keys

Philip Jacobs: “All the keys just hung on metal hooks and anybody could take one. Because there was no record of control who had taken which keys and when, it cost us hours every day looking for them.” Metropool Noord found the solution to the challenge in an open KeyConductor from Nauta Connect. The key control system means that keys can be securely stored and it can be seen precisely who has, or has had, which key when. The electronic key cabinet has 84 active positions, can be expanded and has a replaceable U-hasp. Staff have access to the keys by means of their personal pass.


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Knowing who the last user was without having to use software

The KeyConductor is used to control and record the keys to new cars. The keys are attached to KeyCops, smart keyrings with a barcode and RFID, so that they can be identified and processed.

Fast return on investment

“The investment in the KeyConductor is repaying itself fast”, according to Jacobs. “We’re saving money immediately with our new key control system. No-one has to look for keys at all. That also cost time every month. All in all, KeyConductor has provided us with a smooth process for our new cars. In addition, the collaboration with Nauta Connect was terrific. They are a fast and reliable specialist.”

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