Electronic key cabinet for efficient key control

Key control is a challenge for many companies. There is nothing worse than the loss of important keys. Apart from the security risks, key loss is often accompanied by high costs for lock replacement and it also interrupts business processes.

KeyConductor electronic key cabinet

The KeyConductor makes the process of issuing and returning keys automatic. The Connect software allows you to decide who can use which key and whether they have access or not to certain rooms, vehicles or lockers. The system saves those details and allows you to see who has which key, when they took it and when it will be returned.


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Time and cost efficient

No more time-consuming administrative tasks


Maintain control over critical keys and avoid the serious consequences of loss


All the keys in your organisation are recorded and monitored

100% oversight

Complete oversight of the real-time situation, alerts and reports

Integration with your IT environment

Connects to diverse applications and all current access control systems

Increase your level of service

Make issuing and returning keys possible 24/7

Key control software

Registration, control and reporting

U hoeft dus geen eigen server in te richten en heeft alleen een webbrowser en internetverbinding nodig om de applicatie te gebruiken.

How many keys do you have? And who has which key? The Connect software web-based application that allows you to control all your keys. You can also allow us to host your Connect software in the cloud, so you don’t have to set-up your own server and you only need a web browser and internet connection to use the application.


All your data systems connected to each other

Connects to your existing software

If your organisation works with facility management software or an access control system and you want to seamlessly integrate the KeyConductor to computerise your business processes further, our team of developers will be happy to help.

We make use of an API to connect existing information, like users or keys, with the Connect software and your existing software.

  • Scalable up to thousands of key places

  • Easily expanded with extra tracks

  • Simple installation

  • Trial installation possible

  • Lease option

Trial without key cabinet
We also offer entry-level options by means of a barcode scanner


How the electronic key cabinet works

Key control with KeyCop

Your keys are given a KeyCop with barcode. To collect keys, employees log on in the electronic key cabinet by means of a tag, pass, code or fingerprint. Once the authorised key is selected, it is unlocked and the key position is lit up. The Pick-to-Light system shows which KeyCop should be taken and in which position it should be replaced.

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