Local authorities and the smart lending wall

In many local government organizations, flexible working has become the norm, partly due to the impact of COVID-19. As a result, employees increasingly utilize hot desks in the office and are also encouraged to work outside the council building. Efficient and straightforward lending of assets such as laptops and keys is essential in this context.

Efficient key and asset management

Are you familiar with these challenges within your local authority and looking for a solution? We offer various solutions in the area of asset and key management.

Service desks busy with lending and returning

In many councils, the service desk is tasked with lending and returning keys and assets. This is a time-consuming administrative task for them. Moreover, it is challenging to keep track of who has taken which assets or keys. Materials or keys are lost or damaged upon return.

Often, employees can only borrow or return assets or keys during opening hours and sometimes have to wait in line for a long time.

More insight and less administration

With Nauta Connect’s lending wall, the service desk has better insight into where the assets and keys are and less administrative burden. This leaves more time for other important core tasks.

See how the municipality of Utrecht utilizes the Nauta Connect lending wall for asset management.

Lending wall with automatic issuance and return

Nauta Connect’s smart lending wall offers an innovative solution to this issue. It completely automates the return and issuance of assets and keys.

Employees can easily reserve their laptop or key via the online reservation system. They then receive a QR code to pick up their items at their convenience, without waiting in line.

Returning and reporting defects

Returning items is just as simple, also using a QR code. And if an item is defective, your employee can report this directly via the display at the lending wall. The IT or facilities department automatically receives a notification, allowing for quick action.


Want to know more about system integration?

Does your local authority use Facility Management software or an access control system? We can integrate your user data, access cards, and other relevant information from your existing system with the Connect software.

Extensive reservation options

The Connect software includes a reservation module that allows your employees to easily reserve assets and pick them up via a web-based app. After making a reservation, they immediately receive a QR code by email, giving them access to the locker. This system ensures your employees never miss out and offers great flexibility, even outside the service desk’s working hours.

Discover the benefits for yourself

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