Municipality of Gouda reserves bicycles via key control system

The Huis van de Stad, Gouda’s modern town hall in the Spoorzone, houses various municipal services. On the sixth floor, there is the Service Point. This department supports between 600 and 700 users in the building and, in respect of automation, staff from the municipalities of Waddinxveen and Zuidplas.

No more worries about the organisation’s bicycles in Gouda due to Nauta Connect’s KeyConductor

Modern town hall, modern organisation, supported by ICT

When the municipality moved into the Huis van de Stad in 2012, a number of bicycle services were acquired. Users from the municipal buildings can
use these bicycles to go to meetings in the city. Responsibility for the co-ordination of the use of these bicycles was placed with the Service Point. Cock Bruinsma: “Anyone who had booked a bicycle had to come to the sixth floor to pick up the key and come back there to return it. But bicycles were regularly not back by 5 o’clock so that someone had to work overtime. This was not an ideal situation for staff and users and well, we’re IT’ers, so we wanted to automate the process.”

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Automated bicycle reservations

What Bruinsma and Nieuweveen had conceived, now had to be implemented Bruinsma: “Nauta Connect was extremely collaborative in the development of the link between the KeyConductor and the software from TopDesk. Rick Nieuweveen could count on all the support he needed and he arranged the link in a relatively short time.”

In the first month, the KeyConductor was installed on the sixth floor, so staff could explain it to users and receive immediate feedback about the user-friendliness of the system. After this trial period, it was then moved to the bicycle parking area. Users now don’t have to go to the sixth floor to collect and return a bicycle key, which saves a lot of time. It also costs less time; you don’t have to wait around until all the keys have been returned.


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