Significant time saved by BP during maintenance because of efficient key control

The originally British BP is one of the largest energy companies in the world. It is active in 79 countries, including Belgium, with an important production centre in Geel. Due to the presence of dangerous substances, it is very important to ensure that business processes are as safe, efficient and optimal as possible. One of these processes is the issue and return of keys, for which the PTA department has recently started using the KeyConductor.

Safety and security in the company

The location in Geel, Belgium, specialises in the production of refined terephthalic acid (PTA) and paraxylene (PX). In order to ensure that business processes are as safe, efficient and optimal as possible, BP meets the extremely strict SEVESO directive. This directive addresses the control of risks and dangers of serious accidents caused by dangerous substances. This is done by reducing the risk of such an accident taking place on the one hand, and limiting the consequences of any such accident on the other.

The KeyConductor is currently in use at one of the three PTA departments (PTA3) with the intention of implementing the solution in the others later.

Time saving

The +/- 400 employees and 200 contractors work every day in accordance with the SEVESO directive and philosophy. Whenever maintenance takes place or if there is a serious accident, it is very important to make sure that the systems are closed down properly. This is done by means of the Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) system. The system ensures that all mechanical, pneumatic and electric equipment are locked. The means to do this include padlocks, but also keys.
Until recently, organising and controlling these keys took a lot of time. The issue and return of keys was based on strict procedures which were carried out manually. Particularly during a calamity, when a shutdown and its preparation take place, time is an important factor.

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Simple, secure and fast

Jan Verboven, unit superintendent PTA3 – BP Geel: “For a short while now, we have been using the KeyConductor from Nauta Connect. The automatic key cabinet and accompanying KeyCops (RFID fob) and software allows us to control the keys easily, securely and quickly”. Thanks to this implementation, keys are more available, because the issuing and return per shift is recorded online and also linked to a real-time report. Who has which key, when, is reported digitally, so that there is always control. The use of the KeyConductor and the digital record has ensured that users feel more responsible for the keys, so that they are more conscious of how they use them.

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