Safe key management in healthcare institutions

A vital link for medication management

Healthcare institutions adhere to strict medication management protocols to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. Medication must be stored in a locked area accessible only to authorized healthcare workers. Moreover, accurate record-keeping of medication transactions, including quantities, timings, and involved individuals, is essential.

Careful key management is crucial to prevent misuse, such as the hoarding of opiates for personal use by staff members.

The challenge of key management

Effective key management and logging access to medication cabinets present a significant challenge within many healthcare institutions. While key distribution often proceeds smoothly, tracking their return frequently falls short.

Keys are commonly transferred during shift changes, where time pressure can sometimes lead to inadequate record-keeping. This results in unclear key whereabouts and circulation of duplicate keys. Hence, it is vital to have a well-organized key management system for medication storage cabinets.

Automatic key issuance and return

The KeyConductor key cabinet offers an innovative solution to the challenges of key management in healthcare. This advanced key cabinet enables automatic key issuance and return without the need for a desk or team leader intervention.

With 24/7 access for picking up and returning keys, and cabinet access via the existing access card, the KeyConductor provides an efficient and secure solution.



Reporting with 100% visibility

Rights and roles are defined in the accompanying Connect software, ensuring clarity on who has access to which keys. Additionally, precise record-keeping ensures it’s always known who has taken which key, with incident alerts for keys not returned on time.

Een open MacBook toont de gebruikersinterface van Nauta Connect's key management software met overzicht van sleuteluitgifte en -inname
  • Scalable to thousands of key positions

  • Easily expandable with additional blades

  • Simple installation

  • Trial placement available

  • Leasing option

Prefer to experience it without a key cabinet first?
We also offer entry options through a barcode scanner


Seamless integration with your IT environment

The KeyConductor key cabinet is easily integrated with your existing administrative system, avoiding duplicate record-keeping and ensuring smooth implementation. Thanks to rapid data exchange, rights and roles are always up to date, contributing to a safe and efficient working environment.

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