Registration, control and reporting


The heart of our solutions

The Nauta Connect WebManager has been designed by our own software development team and is hosted in the Netherlands. User-friendly software is crucial for ensuring that our systems work well.

The WebManager allows you to register and control operational assets and keys. It allows you to know at any time where equipment or keys are.

  • Developed and hosted in the Netherlands
  • Web-based application
  • Complete access to reports
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All your data systems connected to each other

Connects to your existing software

If your organisation works with facility management software or an access control system and you want to seamlessly integrate our solutions to computerise your business processes further, we make use of an API to connect existing information, like users, assets or keys, with the WebManager and your existing software.

Download the white paper below of get in touch with us for no-obligation advice.



Microsoft Azure Cloud

You don’t need your own server or server management

Nauta Connect WebManager can be hosted in a Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, so you don’t have to set-up your own server and you only need a web browser and internet connection.

  • 99,99% availability
  • 24/7 monitoring and back-up including data recovery
  • Simple service and support available

Data protection (GDPR)

Data security is important when using a cloud solution, which is why we use cloud providers which satisfy the GDPR rules and security standards, so you can be confident that your data is protected.

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Our developers think with you

Fast response, even remotely

Before we get started, we first take a detailed inventory of your current business software. Throughout the process, we are in close contact with each other, so we can quickly react and make adjustments where necessary. Also after we have installed the solution, you can count on our continued support.

We help you streamline your processes as a company, provide your employees with oversight and simplify the workflow. If you like to discuss the possibilities with us, please feel free get in touch.

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