The Keycop: the foundation of the key management system

The different KeyCop versions

Within the KeyConductor electronic key management system, your keys are equipped with a KeyCop — a secure key holder to which one or more keys can be attached. Operating based on the KeyCop, it’s a fundamental component of the key management system. We offer four versions of the KeyCop, as described below:

  • Cable
  • Omega hasp
  • Thin-hasp
  • U-hasp



The Cable version, compact yet capable of handling a large number of keys, is permanently attached; if a key needs replacement, the cable must be cut and a new KeyCop attached.


For managing multiple keys, the Omega-hasp, larger than the U-hasp, accommodates larger bunches of keys. Like the U-hasp, it can be replaced by using a tool to release the hasp.


The Thin-hasp’s slender design is particularly suitable for car keys, making it an ideal choice for car dealerships or organizations that provide loaner cars. Used in conjunction with the KeyConductor, it ensures secure storage and tracking of loaned vehicles.


The U-hasp is a compact model, designed for one or two keys. It is ideal for lending out specific items with a corresponding key, such as a bicycle, or in scenarios where one key opens multiple spaces, reducing the need for multiple keys. Key replacement is facilitated through the use of a special tool to release the hasp.

Key management with KeyCop

Each KeyCop features a unique barcode and readable number, streamlining registration without additional labels. This simplifies the process for both managers and users, with permissions customizable per user or function.

Access to keys is secured through login via tag, badge, code, or fingerprint. Selection of a key unlocks it, with its position lighting up. The pick-to-light functionality indicates the available KeyCop and its replacement location.

Available colors

To make your key management system not only functional but also visually appealing, we offer the KeyCops in a variety of colors. The KeyCops are available in white, yellow, red, green and blue. Choose the color that best suits your organization or use the colors to differentiate different departments or key types.

The KeyCop enables simple and effective key management

Interested in a key management solution without the need for a key cabinet? We provide access options through a barcode scanner, an accessible solution for managing a small number of keys, such as by a receptionist.