Key management in Facility Services

Facility services play a vital role in nearly every company, creating a safe, clean, and well-organized working environment. Often, tasks are outsourced to other employees or companies. In these instances, it’s imperative for facility services to guarantee that authorized individuals have access to specific goods and spaces, highlighting the importance of efficient key management.

Key and Asset Management

Are you confronting this challenge within your company and seeking an appropriate solution? We offer a range of options for key and asset management to meet your needs.

The challenge of key management

There’s nothing more frustrating than a service technician unable to access an authorized area during emergencies, such as leaks or electrical issues. Access to service areas should be temporarily granted to technicians, requiring significant organization from facility employees.

Electronic key cabinet: KeyConductor

The KeyConductor electronic key cabinet presents an innovative approach to key management in facility services. This system automates the issuance and return of keys. Through Connect Software, you can control who is allowed to borrow keys and access specific areas or cabinets. This autonomy reduces administrative tasks significantly, ensuring facility services are always informed about key locations, possession, and return times.

Manage your complete key management

With Connect software, you oversee your entire key management system without needing your own server. Access is simple via a web browser and an internet connection. The KeyConductor integrates seamlessly with Facility Management Software or access control systems, among others.

Our team of developers is ready to optimize your business processes. Through an API, we can link existing data, such as users or keys, with Connect software and your existing systems.

  • Scalable to thousands of key positions

  • Easily expandable with additional blades

  • Simple installation

  • Trial placement available

  • Leasing options

Would you prefer to experience it first without a key cabinet?
We also offer entry options through a barcode scanner.


Key Management with KeyCop

For electronic key management using the KeyConductor, your keys are fitted with a KeyCop featuring a barcode. Access is granted via scanning a tag, badge, code, or fingerprint. Once a key is selected, it unlocks and its position lights up. The pick-to-light feature shows which KeyCop is released and where it should be returned.

Want to know more about our solutions?

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