Hybrid working: testing hardware in a virtual software environment

Hybrid working: testing hardware in a virtual software environment

In the world of software development, hybrid working is the norm. However, alternating between working from home and the office brings its challenges, especially when developers need to work with both software and hardware. After all, taking an entire electronic locker or key cabinet home isn’t practical.

How do you test physical hardware when working remotely? Let’s see how our software development team handles this.


Challenges of working from home

Faysal el Bouaiadi, Chief Software Officer, shares:
“At our office, we have various lockers and key cabinets. Extremely convenient, but we also work a lot from home. Until recently, it was challenging without having the equipment at hand. So, my team developed virtual hardware! With this, we simulate everything: from opening or closing the cabinet door to taking out or returning a key.

We test all possible actions and scenarios. And if something goes wrong, we immediately adjust it in the code. This makes the testing process both realistic and swift.”


Efficiency in the office

This approach is also beneficial in the office. When all developers are present, everyone can get to work without waiting, thanks to the use of fake hardware.

In addition to this entirely virtual testing method, our team has also developed an intermediate form, the ‘hardware crate’. This is a real crate containing the physical blades (rows) with key positions. The crate fits perfectly on the desk, whether at home or in the office.

Software developer Lieuwe Visser says:
“I’ve connected the hardware crate directly to my laptop with a cable. On the left of my screen, you see the code I’ve written, and on the right, the virtual key cabinet. I virtually log in as a user and open the cabinet door. Then, for example, I insert the key into the key position that lights up green in the crate. This way, I go through all the actions and improve the software I’m developing.”


Want to know more?

Fake hardware significantly eases the lives of our software developers and makes their work much more efficient. With a laptop, electricity, and an internet connection, they can work anywhere, whether at home or in the office.

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch. We’d be happy to tell you more about our innovative solutions.