With reassuring key control, Residence Jacobsmarkt opts for enjoying your home

The Residence Jacobsmarkt is in the heart of the dynamic city of Turnhout. It is a unique, warm and stylish development project with 65 recognised assisted-living homes. As you soon as you step foot in it, you experience a genuine feeling of being at home, with more comfort, care and security.

An assisted-living home is an individually adapted home or residential unit in which the resident can call on a permanent range of care and services as their needs increase. They also have the reassurance that round-the-clock acute care is available. This attention to care, security and 24-hour assistance, is also reflected in the availability of keys. An organisation like the Residence Jacobsmarkt has to manage a range of keys, of which those for the homes themselves are the most important.

The KeyConductor is simple to use and easily accessible for wheelchair users

Managed key control

Besides the residents, the keys are used by family, nursing staff, carers and maintenance. Until recently, the keys were managed manually, which was time consuming for the staff responsible. Keys were sometimes taken by users without thinking, so that everywhere had to be searched. On top of that, it is very important that keys are available fast in case a resident locks him or herself out. The Residentie Jacobsmarkt found a perfect solution in Nauta Connect’s KeyConductor. Since the electronic key cabinet has been in use, every resident can take a spare key anytime there is a need.

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If you would like to find out more about the applications for the KeyConductor, we will be happy to tell you about them.

Security and comfort

“We can now provide better support and respond quickly if there is an emergency”, adds Thomas. “The collaboration with Nauta Connect was very smooth and the staff can make use of everything offered by the system because of the excellent training they were given. The flexible system can also be extended later, if necessary. This allows the Residentie Jacobsmarkt to take its resident’s enjoyment of their homes to a higher level, with an extra dimension of security and comfort.


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